COVID-19 Updates

A note to our Silver Spring customers

April 1, 2020

As the calander turns to April, it is past time for our return to the Silver Spring Farmers Market.  As we all know, the world has become a different place, and many things have changed from our normal routine.

Although we are ready to come back to Silver Spring, we have decided to delay our return for several reasons. Please know we gave this a lot of thought and consideration and did not come to our decision easily. All the reasons surround or result from the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The Silver Spring Farmers Market has been relocated to Veterans Plaza until further notice. There is less space, which means it will be a challenge to add all the vendors who would like to attend. Because of that space issue and because we have two other stands relatively close by Silver Spring, we have informed FreshFarm to temporarily give our spot to another farmer in need who does not have another sales outlet. We are re-evaluating that decision weekly.

We also decided to go to Dupont Circle vs. Silver Spring because it is Sunday and we have Garrett Park on Saturday, which is relatively close by. We felt having both Saturday and Sunday would also give our shopper base more flexibility during these times. The Dupont Circle market, normally very crowded, is not at this time. In Garrett Park, we have someone hired specifically to help direct crowd flow. Because we have space to spread out, we are able to set up the stand to allow for shopping at safe distances. Garrett Park is not a farmers market with several vendors; we are the only farmer there, but we collect and add items from other local vendors – from meat and eggs to coffee and cheese. While we do not offer a FlexPay option at this market because we re-sell from other farmers, we will absolutely recognize our FlexPay shoppers from Silver Spring if they shop Garrett Park or Dupont Circle, especially during the current crisis.

The farmstand in Garrett Park, MD is at 4600 Waverly Avenue, just in front of Black Market Bistro near the MARC station. We are there on Saturdays 9-1. We have begun allowing pre-orders at this location. Every Wednesday, we email a list of what we will have that Saturday.  That email gives you instructions for how to pre-order and pick up at market, if you prefer. More information on the Dupont Circle Farmers Market is on FreshFarm’s website.

Please know that we are taking every precaution to ensure all of our safety. We are sanitizing everything, including the truck itself before and after markets. During markets, we are wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer, as well as disinfecting scales, tablets, tables, etc. We ask that only one member of the family attends the market. Please make sure you wash your hands before and after shopping, as well as your market bags and produce. If you are sick, PLEASE do not come to market. If you are in need of food, even a delivery of food, please reach out. We have a network of local friends that will help us to get food to those in need. This is without a doubt a scary time. We are monitoring our own health, and thus far we are well. We also feel customers are doing their part with social distancing, wearing gloves, etc. while at markets.  So, for now, at least, we will continue to attend our markets in Garrett Park and Dupont Circle.
Please know we are thinking of you all, and please reach out with any questions or suggestions. Stay safe, stay healthy, take a minute now and again to turn off the news and just be. We hope to see you soon and will update you when Silver Spring has an open date for us.


~ Jarrah, Agustin, and the Chicano Sol team